Inter-arc, a charity based in Coventry, founded and run with a Christian ethos, provides essential funding and operational guidance for partner charities providing caring homes for children whose lives have been severely disadvantaged by bereavement, poverty or disease, meeting not only their essential needs but also giving a good standard of educational support and medical care. Inter-arc also provides other disadvantaged children with their educational funding as well as occasional support, as opportunity allows, for families and communities lacking in some of the basic essentials for life such as heating and food.

Inter-arc’s primary focus, though not exclusively so, is on projects in South India and Romania.

Inter-arc’s objectives:

  • The provision of residential care for severely disadvantaged children in Christian homes in Bangalore and Nellore, South India, including medical care and educational support/funding.
  • The provision of family support and educational funding for children living in needy communities located in the Kolar Gold Field region of India.
  • The occasional provision of short term aid to communities in need of essential support as identified by our partner charities primarily, but not exclusively, in Romania and India.

Finance obviously is an integral part of our projects and initially during our first year of operating we organised fund raising activity so our work could begin.

Towards the end of 1994 the Lord confirmed to our Founder and Director that this work was His and as such He would satisfy all the needs both now and into the future. At the beginning of 1995 all fund raising ceased and regular prayer meetings were established. From this time on inter-arc has not asked any one for a penny.

George Müller, who had children’s homes in Bristol during the mid 1800’s had such trust in the Lord that he declared to his Church congregation that “if his work was of the Lord then surely He would provide”. Recorded accounts of how the Lord provided for over 2000 children from the streets of Bristol is testimony to the Lord’s faithfulness to His works.

Each month the Lord answers the prayers of those who pray for our work in general and our projects and satisfies all of the needs.

The management of the charity in the UK is undertaken by volunteers and any visits made to our projects are generally all self funded.

We have grown at the rate the Lord has directed and all aspects of our work are subject to continual regular prayer.

Future Events

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